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Halloween 2018 in Naples


Naples is a city full of traditions and legends, take advantage of this long weekend of Halloween 2018 to discover them.
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Below we have selected some events and guided tours for this long weekend

1-2-3 -4 November 2018 A one-mile long itinerary to discover the treasures of the Rione SanitàDistrict.

Travelling along the Sacred Mile means crossing the Rione Sanità, where the peoples to the south and east of Naples, from the Africans to the Chinese, lived, and where popes, kings and cardinals once passed by carriage. A place where today the churches are not only art galleries, but houses of welcome, peace and planning. Appointment is at 9:30 a.m. at the ticket office of the catacombs of San Gennaro in Via Capodimonte 13, next to the Basilica of Buon Consiglio.The tour takes about 3 hours and 30 minutes. Reservation Required.

On Wednesday 31 October and Thursday 1 November 2018 there will be an extraordinary and magical guided raft tour of the Galleria Borbonica in Naples. During the tour participants will be offered sweets and Halloween Sangria. Booking Required.

Thursday, November 1 at 10:30 am Curiosity Tour offers a guided tour of the Cimitero delle Fontanelle 
You will learn about the history of princely palaces, where the Prince of Laughter, Totò, was born, and you will learn about the link between life and death with the visit to the Cemetery of the Fountains. Departure at 10.30 am. Reservation required.

Halloween Naples: a ghost in every alley. An evocative tour organized by InsolitaGuida: when the sun goes down towards sunset and the shadows get longer, the places change their physiognomy, they change. The group will be led by the soft light of a lantern, which, according to tradition, allows you to better grasp the rapid movements of all the mysterious figures that populate the historic center of Naples.

Wednesday, October 31 – Neapolitan Halloween between Dracula, devils and ghosts with pizza! For Halloween the Capere Tour propose two very special evenings to discover the most secret and devilish Naples!
You will go for a walk in the beautiful esoteric heart of Naples and discover stories of ghosts, souls and devils. Appointment: Piazza del Gesù (obelisk of the Immaculate) 6.00 p.m. beginning 18.15 p.m.

Halloween tour Trick or treat. And this year also children will have their Halloween Tour in Naples.
In fact, Thursday, November 1, 2018 is scheduled for a tour “Trick or treat?”. A tour in the alleys of the historic center of Naples led by an unusual witch looking for stories and anecdotes about the Neapolitan spirits and legends related to the Halloween party.

Friday, November 2 – Sansevero Chapel: between sacred and profane with nougat!
It will be a journey to discover the life of Prince Raimondo, his family, inventions, legends and mysteries of this magical place. after the chapel you will reach Piazza San Domenico to relax with a coffee and the most typical of Neapolitan sweets of this period, the nougat! Appointment at 17.00 in front of the obelisk of Piazza San Domenico.

From 1st to 4th November Halloweekend at the Zoo. For four days, from 9.30 a.m. to 6 p.m., it will be possible to enter the Zoo in a mask and children will be able to live many themed activities. There will be Treasure Hunt, educational workshops, giraffe nutrition and a Special Menu at the Chalet dedicated entirely to Halloween.

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With the bus at the exit of the hotel you can reach the tourist routes of Naples in less than 30 minutes
– direction Piazza Garibaldi with entrance to the Naples Metro for all destinations.
– Towards Piazza Municipio with entrance to Molo Beverello for boarding on the islands of Capri, Ischia and Procida.
– To Piazza Vittoria for walks along the city’s seafront